Pasco Man Injured in Early Morning Alleged Robbery Attempt in Kennewick

A Pasco man is injured early this morning in an alleged robbery attempt near Columbia Drive and Gum Street in Kennewick.

Pasco Police responded to Lourdes Medical Center to a report that 25-year-old Domminick Pruitt was being treated for a knife wound.  Officers learned Pruitt was walking home to Pasco when a vehicle passed him several times.  One suspect exited the vehicle and demanded Pruitt hand over his phone.  When he refused, the suspect lunged at Pruitt with a knife.  Pruitt grabbed the knife and was cut on the hand.

The suspect grabbed the phone and fled, however Pruitt was unable to provide a description of the suspect other than it being a Hispanic or Asian man, about 5'10" tall and an average build.  Pruitt was unable to provide a description of the vehicle and was taken to the hospital by a family member who he called after the robbery.

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