Pasco PD Fights Cancer to Support Shannon Northrup

Shannon Northrup is the chief's secretary at the Pasco Police Department.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer December 5th. Since then Shannon has had a lumpectomy and is currently undergoing chemo therapy.

Now, along with fighting crime, the Pasco Police Department is trying to fight cancer in support of Shannon.

Officers Kari Skinner and Michelle Goenen have made it their mission to support Shannon during her fight.

Officers Skinner and Gonen set up a website to raise money for Shannon's treatment.

The goal is $5,000, and if they meet that Officer Goenen has pledged to shave her head.

"For women, especially women in law enforcement its hard to go into the public, our hair is who we are. It must have been extremely hard for her to lose her hair and I want her to feel like as a women she's not the only one. Especially in this organization," said Officer Goenen.

The male officers are also picking up the razors, 22 officers have already shaved their heads in support of Shannon.

"They shaved their head on the day that Shannon came back with her head shaved," said Skinner.

Officer Skinner posted the link to Shannon's website on her personal Facebook page.

Within four days that link was shared over 700 times.

Shannon moved to the Tri Cities two years ago with her two sons.

She doesn't have any immediate family living here but the Pasco Police Department has become her family.

"We're extremely tight as a family and wanted her to feel just as included as any of the other guys who would have been going through this," said Officer Goenen. 

Officers Skinner and Goenen said Shannon is a very humble person.

They are both honored to stand by her side and fight with her.

Officers Skinner and Goenen have organized an Italian fundraiser feed February 28th.

 It is open to the public and all of the money raised will go directly to Shannon's medical bills.

Also at that time Officer Goenen will be shaving her head if the $5,000 goal is met.

Italian Fundraiser Feed: February 28th at 6 P.M. at 127 West Clark Street, Pasco, WA 99301.

Website to donate for Shannon:

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