Pasco Police Officer Criminally Charged

A Pasco Police officer is facing criminal charges for making false or misleading statements to a public servant.

According to court documents we obtained today, on July 18th, just hours before a bomb threat was made at Columbia Basin College, Officer Zach Fairley received a text message from the cell phone number that called in to make the threat.

That number was traced back to Steven Brown.

Brown is now facing federal charges for allegedly making the threat.   

Fairley was questioned by Pasco Police about why he was communicating with the number that made that threat, but he said he only received a blank text from that number.

Court documents show there is also indication that Fairley had called that number around 2 a.m.

Fairley told detectives he did not recognize the number and that he had family visiting who may have used his cell phone.

A forensic cell-phone examination reveals 17 text communications between Fairley's cell phone and Brown's cell phone.

The officer investigating. Sgt. Matt Woods, said based on the content of the messages, he believes Brown's daughter was using the phone to communicate with Fairley.

Pasco Police Chief Robert Mertzger tells us Fairley is on administrative leave and the case is still under investigation.

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