Pasco School Board Holds Public Hearing on Boundary Changes Tonight

Pasco families will have a chance to share their views on proposed west side boundary changes with Pasco School District's board of directors at a public hearing tonight at 6:30 p.m. at the C.L. Booth Building, located at 1215 W. Lewis St. in Pasco.

With the opening of Pasco's newest school, Rosalind Franklin STEM Elementary, which is currently under construction at Road 52 and Powerline, attendance boundaries will change in west Pasco.  District officials began with a "springboard" proposal to initiate the conversation.  Now the board is considering the two proposals that came out of that springboard.  Both maps, the enrollment impact of each option, and the parameters that were considered in developing the proposals are posted on the District website, by clicking here.

Those who wish to speak on any of the existing proposals or share their opinion will be provided two minutes to make their statement to board members.

The schools that will be affected by the new boundaries are Markham, McGee, Twain, Livingston, and Angelou elementary schools. Parents who want their students to remain at these schools even if their boundary changes, may file for exemptions with the principal of their current school. Exemption requests are due Feb. 28.

Likewise Markham, McGee, Twain, Livingston, and Angelou families not in the Franklin boundary can “opt in” to the new school through a lottery process. The deadline to opt in is also Feb. 28. Families interested in applying for Franklin STEM Elementary may contact Principal Deidre Holmberg at

The board will make the final decision based on input from the community.

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