Patriotic Ride Put On Hold For The 4th Of July

What makes the United States united? The Milton Freewater man making a cross county journey on horseback to answer that question is putting his trip on hold for a few days while he returns home for the 4th of July.

Sam Hopkins-Hubbard left three months ago to embark on his horseback adventure and thought there is no place in the county he would rather be on this patriotic day than back at home in Milton Freewater with his friends and family.

He said the trip has been long and hard but there isn't a day that goes by that he regrets starting it.

"Sometimes you got to sleep exhausted but every morning I wake up and look forward to that day," Hoopkins-Hubbard.

He said the weather has been the hardest part, there was a point when he had hypothermia.

Sam doesn't always know where he is going to be sleeping form night to night.

He said most of the nights people offer up a bed but he has spent plenty of nights sleeping on the ground.

"I have stayed in some nice comfortable bed and about two weeks ago I stayed in utility trailer in front of a BP gas station."

He said most of the people that he has meet along the way are positive to him and his message and he couldn't be more proud to be an american and plans to celebrate that tonight.

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