Persistent rain has Kittitas County dealing with areas of flooding

Kenny Caraway is preparing sand bags for another night of rainfall.

After his house got flooded over the weekend he said this is only the beginning.

"I got my hip waiters, yeah I almost thought I was going to have to divert to chest waiters cause they were getting up pretty high," said Ellensburg resident Kenny Caraway.

Kittitas County has experienced several road closures due to flooding in areas near Reeser Creek and Dry Creek.

Snowmelt, rain and water backups on the creek are to blame for high waters in the area.

Longtime residents know that it’s only going to get worst before all the water goes away.

"The damage is done and bring it on," added Caraway.

Caraway said that residents in the area know to expect flooding during this time

But that every year is always a new experience.

"You just got to deal with it and go with the flow," said Caraway.

Adding that with new flooding experiences come new damages to his home

"A pipe had broken underneath the house and i don't know why that was but I had to shut the water off," said Caraway.

Something he won't be able to address until all the water is gone.

"Just waiting for the water to recede underneath the house and get me a pump and pump that water out," said Kenny Caraway.

Until then he'll just continue to sandbag as much as he can.

Kittitas County will remain under a flood advisory until Wednesday when rain goes away.

Until then road closures in affected areas will stay in place.

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