Pippins Baseball Getting Underway

Pippins baseball will officially throw their first pitch of this inaugural season  at 6 p.m.
Close to 2,000 tickets had been presold to tonights game, the Yakima County Stadium seats around 2,500. The pre-sale number does not include walk up sales which could push this to being a sold out game.

We caught up with general manager Danny Tetzlaff who talked about the experience these players will have over the next 66 days.

"They learn about riding a bus, they learn about playing everyday, you know you can't get too high you can't get too low, they gotta use a wooden bat instead of an aluminum bat. The level of the competition will be pretty strong because it's the better players from the college teams around so we pick and choose whose on this team and we pick players that will help us win," said Tetzlaff.

The Pippins season runs through mid-August.

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