Pippins Rang Out of Playoffs by Bells


The hot bats of the yakima pippins finally cooled off this week as they quickly are sweeped out of the west coast league playoffs by the bellingham bells

The hot bats of the Yakima Pippins finally cooled off this week as they quickly are swept out of the West Coast League playoffs by the Bellingham Bells.

The Bells took game two in Bellingham at a final of 4-3.

For a team that defied history by making the playoffs in their innaugural year--the pippins now hope to have Yakima's fanbase continue to grow as the team does ... 

"All the fans you know i had a few complaints but most fans we're just so happy to see baseball back. They embrace the team, we did things to reach out to the community and really make them love baseball again. Its the bottom line we want to make them happy and want them to come out and enjoy baseball, we want to take baseball to the community and make it something everybody can embrace," said Generam Manager Danny Tetzlaff
The Pippins will be back in action next summer. Tetzlaff feels that with a full offeason to prepare this team will only continue to get better.


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