The Pit is Open and The Hydroplanes Are In

Hydroplanes and hydro fans pulled into Columbia Park to start setting up for the highly anticipated water follies weekend.

With just one day until the races crews are hard at work putting final touches on the boats.

Pit chairman Kevin Smith said today is all about the crews getting their boats out of the slanted travel position and adding on any last minute parts.    

Graham Trucking hydro crew member Michael Adams said they were the first to pull in the pit at 7 this morning and said they will work about 8 hours today getting two boats ready.

He said today plays a major role in making sure the rest of the weekend goes smoothly.

Smith said this year they have organized the boats in the pit according to fuel type.

"We tried to group the boats together by fuel type so that it's easier for the fire department were not spreading out different types of  fuel throughout the pits," said Smith.   

Adams said the hydro he works on will compete in 4 other races this year.

He says each race is a little different but there is one thing in particular that stands out about the Columbia Cup.

"It's kind of hard to beat the fans here really they're awesome," said Adams.

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