Police Chase Ends Near Yakima River in Richland

Around 12 o'clock the Richland police received reports of a man breaking into cars in the parking lot of Fred Meyer on Welsian Way.

Officers quickly spotted the suspect in the parking lot.

They recognized him as Anthony Roberts, someone who has been involved in thefts and other crimes in the past.

When Roberts saw police he took off from the parking lot in a stolen truck side swiping another truck in the process.

He lead police across Jadwin then down Carrier to a dead end.

Roberts then jumped out and took off on foot into the Yakima delta.

Captain Mike Cobb said officers were right behind Roberts but he was able to get away.

Roberts was driving was a gray 2011 Chevy truck.

Police say this truck was stolen from the Toyota lot in Kennewick earlier this morning.

The trailer attached to the truck was also stolen from a construction site in Kennewick.

The Richland police department, Benton County sheriffs department and K-9 unit searched the area around the Yakima river for about an hour.

Captain Cobb said because there are a number of other people in the delta enjoying recreational activities it made it hard for the dogs to track Roberts' scent. Because of that, and the fact that police know what the suspect looks like, they called off the dog search.   

Captain Cobb said  Roberts wife was with him.

Right now they don't know if she is associated with the thefts but they will be investigating that further.

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