Police Investigating Officer Involved Shooting

Police are investigating a third officer involved shooting this year that's turned deadly.

"The criminal element is certainly much quicker to go hands on or go to the guns and go toe-to-toe with the police, versus how it was 10-15 years ago," said police Captain, Rod Light.

Police are investigating yet another officer involved shooting, it's the fifth this year for YPD, three of which have been fatal.

The recent shooting involved 24 year old Rolando Villanueva.

Police say Villanueva led officers on a high speed chase Saturday night, ramming police cars with his car.

The chase led all the way to the I-82 on-ramp, where officer Ira Cavin opened fire.

Villanueva was fatally wounded in the shooting, he died soon after.

Police can't explain the recent rash in officers using lethal force, but do not plan on changing their system, for the sake of protecting the public.

"They're the one's that are making the bad choices, and unfortunately they are the ones suffering the consequences of that, when they step up and decide to use deadly force," said Captain Light.

Officer Cavin was placed on administrative leave, pending further investigation, as part of YPD's protocol.

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