Police: Man Allegedly Shoplifted Before Drowning in Canal

Sunnyside police are investigating the death of a man who allegedly stole items from a Wal Mart and ended up in a canal, where he drowned.

Police say the man had reportedly shoplifted an item from the store just before noon yesterday.

The man ran across the parking lot and apparently fell or jumped into a canal.

A store security guard heard him cry for help, then jumped into the water and tried to save him.

However, the officer, who was not named, was unable to save the suspect.

The man's body was recovered later in the day.

Police are trying to figure out how or why the man ended up in the canal, which can be deadly for inexperienced swimmers.

"They're very tranquil on the surface, but underneath them there's a lot of water flowing through them and there's a lot of current," said Commander Scott Bailey, "According to the Sunnyside Valley Irrigation District, there's approximately 13,500 gallons per minute flowing through the canal."

As of late this afternoon, authorities have yet to identify the man.

They do say he is a white man in his late 30's, about six foot four and 225 pounds.

He has brown hair and blue eyes.

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