UPDATE: Police Standoff in Pasco Ends With Suspect's Death, Victim Identified

UPDATE 2:45 pm: Law enforcement claims 49 yr old Rick Howard was "highly intoxicated, suffered mental break" after arguing with his wife Vicky, and that led to Pasco standoff last night


UPDATE: The Franklin County Coroner's Office has identified the victim as 49-year-old Richard Howard.  Coroner Dan Blasdel says an autopsy will be scheduled for this afternoon by a forensic pathologist from Everett.

A police standoff taking place this evening at the corner of Sacramento Drive and Providence Lane in Pasco ends with Howard killed by police. 

The standoff began with Howard firing shots outside of the home. Several armed officers were called to the area to deal with this situation, which began about 7:00 Wednesday night. Howard then ran into the house and began firing at police.

Kirk Bagley lives down the street and recorded this video, which you can watch here as his kids were preparing to set up a mobile lemonade stand in the neighborhood when the first shots were fired. 

As darkness fell, SWAT employed a spotlight on the front door and window of the house where Howard  was entrenched.

Our Katherine Hessel reports that around 10:30-10:45 PM,  SWAT teams announced that "Rick" needed to come out unarmed because he was surrounded. After about five minutes of waiting in silence, the front door opened and one shot was fired.

Pasco police Captain Jim Raymond tells us that when Howard stepped out of the house he was armed with a gun and was waving it in a threatening manner, after which police fired the one shot.

The home is registered to Rick and Vicky Howard and we are told Rick was the only person in the home.

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