Police Standoff Ends With Arrest After as Man Barricades Himself in Apartment

Police have now arrested a suspect who was the subject of an approximate seven hour standoff with a man who barricaded himself in an apartment near 21st and Rainier in South Kennewick early this morning. The suspect has been identified as 33 year old Jorge Garcia.

It started as a disturbance at about 7;15 this morning. Two women were also in the home at the time. One, 40 year old Chiloe Chevernell, who lives there, fled in her underwear once the event began, and one woma, 24 year old Gloria Calderon, was held for a short time as a hostage by the suspect. She was later released unharmed.

The suspect remained barricaded inside. Police knew he had a shotgun and believe he may have another weapon as well.

Police set off multiple flash bangs in an effort to get the man to come out. They also ventilated the windows of the apartment and used gas to force the suspect out.

Neighbors were evacuated and the public kept out of the area. Kenenwick police spoesperson Sgt. Ken Lattin says that this is the longest standoff in the department's history and that the department is considering it a success because no one was hurt.

Garcia will be charged with two counts of first degree felony assault.

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