Cities to vote on upgraded animal shelter

TRI-CITIES, Wash. (KVEW-TV) -- Pasco city council is prepared to vote Monday on a plan to upgrade the Tri-City Animal Control Authority (ACA) Facility.

The new facility would sit on the same property as the current one at 1312 South 18th Avenue in Pasco.

Project planning started in 2008, according to a City of Pasco agenda report. A committee with two members from Kennewick, Pasco and Richland city councils worked to review the existing facility and the costs needed to upgrade.

According to current shelter director Angela Zilar, plans were put aside during the recession.

However, following a workshop meeting in October this year, plans appear to be moving forward.

While costs are not explicitly drawn out in Pasco’s agenda report, the document does explain how each city would pay for the project.

Base costs of building a new 8,000 square foot facility would be divided equally into thirds. Each city would then pay separate operation costs based on average use over the last five years.

Operation costs could roughly come out to 39.4% for Kennewick; 44.7% for Pasco; and 15.9% for Richland.

Each city’s calls for service to Animal Control would also factor into this divided cost.

If the proposed interlocal agreement is signed by all three cities, the new facility could provide the following amenities (as seen on the Pasco agenda report):

- A total annual capacity of 4,563 animals (2,433 cats and 2,130 dogs), assuming an average length of stay of 12 days per animal.
- A total of 180 animal housing units, 150 of which will be all-weather units, and 30 will be indoor/outdoor units. Of the 180 units, 70 will be for dogs and 80 for cats. At least half of the dog units will be designed to provide housing for more than one dog when required.
- Two community cat rooms and an outdoor visitation/exercise area for dogs.
- The facility shall be designed and constructed so that additional animal housing units may be easily added onto the facility at a future date.

The Monday night meeting and vote are scheduled for 7 p.m. at Pasco City Hall.

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