Project Warm Up: Upping Their Game

Project warm up is a local non profit most known for providing blankets, hats, gloves and slippers to the homeless in our community.

One woman is raising the bar and taking volunteering to a whole new level.

Holli Cox, the director of Project Warm Up said the need for the homeless isn't seasonal.

It's not uncommon to find her roaming the train station or 24-hours laundromats at 3 a.m. handing out peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to those in need.

"I get up I make two dozen peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or you know I'll cook a turkey and I'll grind it up and stick it in the freezer so on nights when I wake up like that I can put together some turkey or ham sandwiches," said Cox.

Project warm up director Holli Cox said it has become hard for her to sleep through the night when she knows what other people in our community are going through.

"It's nothing to put a bunch of stuff in the trunk of my car and drive down the alleys and the pockets where you know they congregate," she said.

Project Warm Up provides "Bags of Hope" to the American Legions Hall, the mission, Crisis Nursery, and even emergency rooms.

"It's not unusual when it is bitter cold that someone who is homeless and hungry and cold and tired will stab themselves to get a night in the hospital," said Cox. 

Right now Holli and the other volunteers are packing bag of hygiene products, water, juice and protein snacks to give out to whoever needs them.

Michael Burns has been homeless for most his life.

He spent last night sleeping under a truck.

He said the bottle of water Holli walked up and handed him means a lot.

"More than you think, just to get paid this cold bottle of water makes the day," said Burns. 

Burns said Holli is one of the rare people he sees just willing to lend a hand.

"Somebody that's not going to pressure you for anything like work, she just doesn't ask for anything you just help somebody," said Cox.

Holli said she has made helping these people her life because she really couldn't imagine it any other way.

"I know what's its like to have a sick baby with an ear infection or the croup and I think what are these parents going through with a sick baby in their car or a tent. I don't think I could live with myself if I didn't help, I really don't," said Cox.

Here is the link to Project Warm Up's Facebook page:

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