Prosser City Council extends temporary ban on new marijuana retailers

Additional marijuana retail shops in Prosser are on hold after City Council members discovered the public wasn't properly informed Tuesday.

The Prosser Record-Bulletin newspaper neglected to publish where and when the city public hearing regarding the marijuana regulation ordinance was taking place.

Therefore, Prosser council members had no choice but to extended the temporary ban on new marijuana businesses until the public could fully engage in the hearing process.

"Now they've adopted 120 days to conduct two more public hearings and move forward," Prosser City Administrator Dave Stockdale said.

"We want to make sure we get as much public input as possible on the problem as we can get. People that are harden supporters of marijuana have not really come this time through this process," The Mayor of Prosser Randey Taylor said.

Taylor also said overall, he has seen more people within the Prosser community express opposition towards additional marijuana retailers.

As of now the expansion of marijuana retail shops in Prosser is on hold and city council will hold two more public hearing next month. 

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