Psychology of Wine Preference

What is your preference between difference types of wine?

Well that may all depend on the music playing in the background or the colors on the wall at the moment that you're drinking.

This all according to research collected by Australian Doctor, Anthony Saliba.

Wine makers and educators from all over the state attended and were conferenced in for this seminar to get a better understanding on the Psychology of Wine Preference, something helpful in understanding how to better sell wine to the consumer.

Saliba mentioned studies that show the type of music playing the background can sway a consumer, for example if there is French music playing, the consumer is more likely to choose a French wine.

If the color of a room is red, the consumer is more likely to drink red wine, if it's yellow, they are more likely to consume white wine.     

Saliba said labeling on a bottle can have all to do with whether a certain type of person will prefer it or not.

"A really nice and impressive label was placed on a bottle; it was really conservative and we said, 'this product is made for young people,' and showed it to young people and they said, 'no, it's not,'" said Saliba. "Consequently they tried the wine and didn't like it, even though the flavor was probably what they would normally like."

Saliba said the next bit of research he'll look into is what effect gender has on wine preference.

Saliba sais the goal of behind all of this research is not to get non-drinkers to drink but to get the roughly 40% of alcohol consumers in the U.S. that do not drink wine, to consider it.

Saliba said wine is something to enjoy in life.

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