Quizzing the Public on President's Day

President's Day isn't just a day off from school or work, it's a chance to observe all the great leaders who helped found our country.

But, how much do people really know about our leaders?

Here's some pop questions we asked people around our area.

We asked Vy Nguyen: Who were the last three people elected commander in chief?

"We got Obama, we got George Bush, and then we got Bill Clinton."

How many people have served as President?

"45, this is our 45th, right?" answered Gerald Eggeben.

"50-ish, or around there?" answered Daniel Baldwin.

Both were close, but there have been 43 different people in our country's history.

We asked Gregory Gomez: Who was the tallest President?

"I want to say Abraham Lincoln?" answered Gomez, who was correct; Lincoln stood at approximately 6 foot 4 inches.

Who was the youngest candidate elected as President?

"Thomas Edison maybe?" answered Gomez.

"John F Kennedy?" answered Baldwin, who is correct; JFK was 43 years old when he won the election.

1600 pennsylvania avenue... Why is this important?

"Oh, that's when they signed the Declaration of Independenc," said Nguyen, however, it's the President's address.

Lastly, who was the only person to assume office as Vice President and President without being elected by the electoral college?

"I can remember a picture of him, I don't remember his name," said Gomez.

"That was Jerry Gord, correct, the 25th Amendment, right?" answered Eggeben, who is correct; Gerald Ford assumed office after Vice President Agnew resigned, then moved up to the top after President Nixon resigned.

For many of you, it was a chance to brush up on your history... For some, it might be a reminder to hit the books.

"I wasn't born here, that's my excuse," said Nguyen.

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