Raising their Voices

Country radio hosts Dewey and Charlie Brooks are on a mission.

They're helping raise funds for their coworker, Joel "JB" Baker.

For almost 2 years, Baker's battled oral cancer -- a few days ago, he underwent his second surgery in the last year and a half.

This time, the surgery could cost him his voice.

"When he told me, he was completely devastated," said Brooks.

Baker's doctors informed him he had stage four cancer, located at the base of his tongue.

To give him a chance of surviving, doctors would need to remove most of his tongue -- ultimately meaning he may also lose his ability to speak.

"In this case, not just having cancer, but it's having cancer in an area that completely affects your ability to earn money and to live your dream," said Brooks.

To help offset the costs, his radio station put together a fundraiser called "Pay-to-Play," asking listeners to request any song from any genre, which would be played on the air for a donation.

The campaign started early this morning, and is a resounding success.

As of this evening, the campaign's raised over $15,000, and people are still calling and walking in, showing their support for Baker.

"It's like a landslide, people are just calling one after another, we can't keep up," said Brooks, "There's so many songs, we've had everything from 'don't worry, be happy,' to metallica's 'one,' which we actually played on the air."

Brooks says Baker is currently recovering at a Seattle hospital, but has his computer tuned to his station, hearing others raise their voices in his stead.

"He's let us know that he can feel the prayers and the love people are sending to him," said Brooks.

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