Record Apple Harvest Forecasted This Year

John Thompson is preparing for one of the largest apple harvests of his career.

He says he has not seen his crop mature as fast as it has over the past few weeks.

"We're looking for a great year this year," said Thompson, "The apples are great, they're larger this time of the year than we've had in years, so it'll be a good crop."

This year, the Washington Apple Commission says growers are expecting to pick more than 140 million boxes of apples.

That number would break 2012's record of 128 million boxes.

Growers say the increase is attributed to many things, higher consumer demands, advancement in technology, and increased shipmentsoverseas.

Thompson says the biggest challenge growers face this year is finding a way to move the large crop.

"A lot of the bigger growers, middle sized growers, depend on the warehouse to do a good job for them, and hopefully at the bottom line they'll get a check back and everything will be great."

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