Recreational Marijuana Store Opens Today in Union Gap


Yakima valley's first recreational marijuana store opens its doors today--but not without a slight delay.
Station 4-twenty in union gap officially began business around two this afternoon.

Yakima Valley's first recreational marijuana store opens its doors today, but not without a slight delay. Station 420 in Union Gap officially began business around two this afternoon.

One hundred degree weather didn't stop the line at station 420 from going around the building when the shop opened this afternoon.
"Every time i walk out there, there's more people out there i have no idea why those people are out there waiting in the sun- im very grateful for it," said Station 420 owner Adam Markus with a laugh. 
Emilio Lopez was first in line at 7 a.m. before he realized the store had delayed its opening again until the afternoon.
"I decided to show up extra early and support the community any way that I could I went over to Peppermint Stick and got my haircut over here," said Lopez
The delays however did make some customers upset.
"Right now lets just get the process going and get them in and out," said one customer that was irrate with how long the process takes.
Station 420 had to delay opening their doors a day and a half after they initially intended. This was due to technical problems with the states software after store owner Adam Markus recieved the store's license at one a.m. Monday morning. Since then he had problems getting the store's product ordered. Once the product is ordered the state stores it away for a 24-hour hold period before it can be delivered for sale. 
"Starting from this point forward it isn't going to be a problem, we've already placed our next order their going to go back their going to pull it it's going to be in quarantine for three days before it ever heads this way"
During the first few days there will be a limited supply and as Adam walked around to greet his first customers before the door officially opened there were no complaints in the hot sun. Tashina Arnold knows the wait for a store like this is all too common
"It's just the way it is you have to expect everything to take it's time they have to go through their motions the same way everybody else does"
The Union Gap store is limiting customers to one purchase until further notice; this could range anywhere from one gram to one ounce. When asked if there had been any security concerns the owner told us not at all.


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