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Hermiston School District Partners With Lions Club International to Offer Free Vision Screening

The Hermiston School District is partnering with Lions Club International to provide a free, preliminary vision screening for all Kindergarten through grade 8 children in the district.

According to the Lions Club, “screening for vision problems takes just minutes and is completely non-invasive.” Trained staff will utilize an automated system to perform a screening check on student eyesight.  Following the process, parents will be notified if initial screening results reveal potential eyesight irregularities.

Recent State law requires that all students are required to submit certification of a vision screening or eye exam within 120 days of enrollment with the district.  Rather than placing the burden on parents and families, the district partnered with the Lions Club to provide the service gratis.

“This is a great opportunity we are privileged to be able to offer through our partnership with the Lions Club,” noted Executive Director of Special Programs Dr. Jon Mishra.  “If irregularities are found, it is recommended that parents seek further consultation with local professionals who will be able to further diagnose and support potential student needs.”

List of screenings dates by location are listed below:

Sept. 8:  Highland Hills Elementary

Sept. 9:  Armand Larive Middle School

Sept. 10:  Rocky Heights Elementary School

Sept. 11:  Sunset Elementary School

Sept. 12:  Sandstone Middle School

Sept. 15:  Desert View Elementary

Sept. 16:  West Park Elementary

Sept. 17:  Any students at a school that have not completed the process.

If parents have any questions they are asked to contact their school’s front office staff.

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