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Local businesses closed for 'A Day Without Immigrants' protest

Thousands across the country and here locally are taking part in "A Day Without Immigrants."

Organizers are calling on immigrants to skip class, miss work and not shop today as a way to show the country how important they are to America's economy and way of life.  

Supermex grocery & Fiesta Foods in pasco along with dozens of businesses across the region will be closed today as part of the "Day Without Immigrants" movement. The movement is an effort to support hispanic and immigrant workers and their purchasing power. Sources tell us this is not about illegal immigration, this is about making all immigrants feel welcome in our country.

The protests are in response to some of President Trump's pledges to increase deportation, build a wall along the Mexican border and ban immigration from certain majority-muslim countries.  

List of local businesses participating in "Day Without Immigrants:"
-Fiesta Foods
-Vinny's Bakery
-Plaza del Calzado
-Garibaldi Mexican Resturant
-Mr Car Auto Sales
-Bamboo Mongolian Grill
-Ez fix cell phone Repair
-Vieras Bakery
- La Placita Mexican Restaurant
-OK Auto Sales
-Finders Insurance
-El Sazón
-Súper Mex
-El Azadero

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