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Man drives off cliff after stream washes road away

A man driving in Adams County didn’t notice there was a chunk of the roadway missing on Thursday morning.

He found himself in a 15-foot freefall before plunging into rushing water.  A stream had washed away a huge section of Lin Warden Road, police said. 

He acted quickly and was able to free himself from his Chevy Blazer SUV before the powerful runoff took it downstream, according to the Adams County Sheriff Department.

He immediately climbed out of the washed section and flagged down other vehicles to warm them of the hazard.

Authorities said he left the scene unharmed.

Road crews have blocked Highway 21 along with Lind Warden at Roxboro Road on the west side of the wash.

Police are warning drivers to be careful on the roads as the current weather tends to soften up the soil quickly.

The Adams County Sheriff Department will be posting updates on its Facebook page about other potential road hazards.

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