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Monroe man arrested for trying to hire hitman, accidentally texting former boss

A man was arrested Wednesday for attempting to hire a hitman over text to kill his wife and young daughter. Police said he accidentally sent the text to his former boss.

The 42-year-old suspect is a resident of Monroe north of Seattle. He was taken into custody on suspicion of two counts of criminal solicitation for first-degree murder.

Authorities have not yet released his name.

The man’s former boss received this exact text earlier this week, according to court documents:

"Hey Shayne hows it going. You remember you said that you would help me kill my wife. I’m going to take you up on that offer. (Her) life insurance is worth 1 million and if you want a bounes (sic) you can kill (my daughter). Her life insurance is 500k. I go to work 5 in the morning. (She) goes to work at 2:00pm so if you can make a robbery gone wrong or make it a accident she works at walmart she gets off at 11:00. I’ll split everything with the insurance 50/50. Please call or text me please.”

The former boss informed police, who then spoke to the suspect’s wife at her workplace. She told police the couple was having money problems, and that her husband was out of work. She wasn’t aware of any marital issues that would inspire him to kill his family, Q13 News reports.

The suspect said he wrote the text months ago after his wife got angry at him for talking to another woman. The man said he often writes such texts, saving them as drafts, as a way of venting anger toward his wife.

He told police his daughter must have accidentally sent it, and that “Shayne” isn’t even a real person.

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