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New State Rules on Fish Consumption

   SEATTLE (AP) -- Gov. Jay Inslee is proposing to dramatically increase the fish consumption rate that partly drives water quality standards in the state.
   A state senator briefed on his plan Wednesday morning said Inslee is proposing to raise the state's fish consumption rate to 175 grams a day. A higher rate could mean tougher permitting rules for water pollution.
   Inslee has called a news conference noon Wednesday to outline his plan.
   Environmental and tribal groups have pushed for a higher rate to protect all people, particularly those who eat the most fish. But Inslee's proposal would also increase by tenfold the excess cancer risk rate from certain chemicals, which those groups have opposed.
   Senate Republican Mark Schoesler, who was brief on the plan, said he welcomed the new cancer risk level, but worried that the high fish consumption rate would hurt jobs and businesses.

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