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Two Men Rescued After Their Boat Gets Stuck on The Cle Elum River

From the Kittitas County Office-

05/19/2014 - On May 18, 2014, at approximately 1330hrs, Kittitas County Sheriff's Swift Water Rescue Team responded to the Upper Cle Elum River to rescue two stranded Cle Elum residents. Cle Elum residents Mark Stevenson and Mike Bower had put their drift boat in the water at Winston Bridge to go fishing.  After traveling down river for approximately 1 mile the drift boat they were in became stuck up against a log jam causing it to turn cross ways of the current and began to take on water.  Both subjects were able to exit the boat onto a rock bar before the boat got loose of the Jam. Once on the Rock Bar one subject was able to make it across to the shore but the current was to swift and deep for the second subject to make it.  Members of the Sheriffs Dept Swift Water Rescue Team responded to the area with a jet boat and were able to pick both subjects up and transport them back to their vehicle. 

Both subjects made the right decision by waiting for assistance before trying to rescue themselves. Neither subject was injured.   The boat was unable to be located.

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