Remembering the Fallen

Shots ring through the air -- a round of taps plays shortly after.

A moment of silence fills the crowd, as they take the moment to remember.

Memorial Day weekend is the time for people to celebrate soldiers who served overseas, and those who never made it back.

"It's nice to see the people come out and show their appreciation," said Air Force Veteran Scott Reed, "And to see some of the old vets in units go by."

In honor of Memorial Day -- Yakima hosted it's annual Memorial Day Parade over the weekend, and capped off the three day celebration at Tahoma Cemetery this morning.

Carolyn Hope has survived two husbands who served in the military, and makes the ceremony every year.

"I look at these and I think about it, it's really hard to keep from crying," said Hope, "In fact, most of the time I do."

As veterans close the book on this year's observance, they want the public to remember; the price of freedom is never free.

"Make sure and support your veterans, and all your military people," said Vietnam veteran Fred Camerer, "They're the ones that make the freedom free."

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