Rescuing One of Our Own

Dozens of firefighters are in Yakima training for rescue situations involving their own.

Firefighters are occupying the Wilson building today -- taking part in a simulation where a fire crew investigating a smokey building become lost and lose air in their tanks.

Remaining crew members are tasked with locating and rescuing that crew and providing them with breathable air.

Firefighters say the exercise is based off an actual incident in Arizona, where one crew member died.

"The question is that you have a critical incident that changes into a different area," said Captain Tom Schneider, "The folks making a decison on the top end of that incident need to adjust and adapt, and reprioritize what they do with the resources, how to deploy them, and what their objectives are going to be. Because that changes."

Crews from West Valley, Union Gap, the Yakima Training Center, and the Yakima Fire Department took part in the exercise.

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