Residents Evacuated Due to Natural Gas Leak Gather at fairgrounds in Hermiston

According to officials between two and three hundred people from homes and farms in the Plymouth area were asked to evacuate to the fairgrounds in Hermiston.

Right now the fairgrounds is set up as a Red Cross shelter.  

The Red Cross will be providing a place to spend the night and dinner for anyone who has been evacuated.

Around 8:30 a.m. the Benton County Sheriff's department went door to door telling anyone living or working in a two mile radius of the Williams Northwest Pipeline Plant to evacuate.

Local volunteers set up an evacuation center at the fair grounds and residents headed there for a place to stay and to wait for news

Later that afternoon the Benton Franklin and the Oregon Trail chapters of the Red Cross arrived to assist.

The Red Cross said they have 150 beds with them and are prepared to feed everyone dinner as well.

The Red Cross also has someone available to help anyone who might need medication.

No one is being forced to stay out of their homes, but the Benton County Sheriff's office said anyone in a two mile radius is in harms way if there is an explosion.

A spokesperson from Willams Company said it is too soon to  know if this will effect gas to customers in the area.

There is also a road block in place on Highway 14 from 82 to Patterson.

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