Restaurants Donating To Repair West Richland Veteran's Memorial

 Four restaurants are helping raise money to repair the Veteran's Memorial at Flat Top park in West Richland that was vandalized in March.  
Ty's, Dax's, Uptown and Parkade bar and grill are pledging to match any money donated for the memorial throughout the entire month of May, up to eight thousand dollars.

The helmet and M-16 were stolen from the memorial and then found behind the Benton County Mosquito Control Building about a week later.

Due to the incident veterans said they want to update the memorial and possibly install security measures to prevent a future vandalism.

Ty's Bar and Grill manager Laurie Winchel said the owners and staff decided to join the fundraising efforts because, amongst other reasons, it is just the right thing to do.

"I think that 99% of the people out there think it's really kind of a tragedy and sad that somebody had vandalized it and as a community we need to help to repair that," said Winchel.

Ty's Bar and Grill is also doing a motorcycle ride on May 31st and donations will go to the memorial.

They will also have a barbecue, bike show and raffle that day. 

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