Returning to Boston

The Boston Marathon is two weeks from today, and two local Yakima women are preparing to head east .

Kristelle Harrington and Mary Zirkle will be two of the thousands of people running and showing support.

Harrington finished the race last year, minutes before the bombs set by the Tsarnaev brothers went off, killing 3 people and injuring hundreds.

Both women say they have been waiting for this year's run since last year.

"It's emotional enough just running 26.2 miles in the big races," said Harrington, "But I think after last year, it's going to be even more special."

"We're just not going to let a tragedy like last year prevent us from living our lives and going ahead and supporting other racers," said Zirkle.

Marathon planners expanded the number of registered runners by about 9,000 -- this year, about 36,000  people are expected to run in the marathon.

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