Revitalizing Yakima

It looks like it's all work now as the City of Yakima take their first major step in revitalizing the downtown area.

City leaders and business leaders hear from the architect team which will be creating plaza designs for the downtown parking lot area.

The design team visited two potential parking lot spots, one near the corner of 2nd Street and Sgt Pendleton Way, and the other by Millennium Plaza.

The city wants to convert one of these sites into a community plaza, unique to the city, with the hope of attracting more people to the area and its businesses.

"We want to improve it, we want to help it, we want to bring good design to this place," said architect Brett Baba, "We really are passionate about helping revitalize Yakima."

However, many people are concerned eliminating a parking lot will create parking problems.

"It's going to make it extremely hard for any of the old folks to be able to come down here and enjoy the facilities that are down here," said Gabbie Schweers.

The city says they do have crews out every day collecting parking data and other relevant information, which will be incorporated into the project.

The city also had leaders and business leaders fill out surveys with suggestions as to what they want to see done with the plaza project.

The survey will be placed on the city website for others to fill out.

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