Richland High School Junior Organizes Wheelchair Basketball Tournament

Richland High School junior Asuanti Foner is trying to start the first wheelchair basketball league in the Tri Cities.

Foner makes the drive to Spokane at least twice a month to play in a wheelchair basketball league becasue there isn't one in the Tri Cities.

He said there are plenty of kids here that could play but are too nervous to try it.

So 17 year old Foner has taken it upon himself to organize a wheelchair basektball tournament in the Tri Cities this weekend.  

Teams from Spokane, Portland and Seattle will play at Richland High School tomorrow.

Foner said anyone with a physical disability limiting their mobility can play and encourages everyone to come check it out.

 He said physical disabilities can be depressing. He experienced that after becoming paralyzed at age 11 and it was wheelchair basektball that saved him.

"After I saw these kids playing it changed. I thought a lot of things I couldn't do I do now. Like I can hop curbs and I can play basketball and I can do track," said Foner.

He said he also wants to try swimming and skiing.

Foner will graduate next May and said there are 12 colleges that offer scholarships for wheelchair baseketball. Hes got his sights set on Whitewater in Wisconsin.  

His ultimate goal is to compete in the paraolympics.

The tournament starts tomorrow at Richland High School.

There will be games all day from noon until 6 p.m. and it is free to attend.

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