Richland Murder Suspect: "I Had to do it for my own sake, for his own sake."

A Richland teen on trial for murder admits to taking a final shot at the victim's head last summer in an interview with detectives played in the courtroom today.

John Young told detectives he took that final shot as Joshua Snapp was swaying back and forth and making noises after Snapp had been shot in the chest by Josh Hunt, who has already been convicted in this killing.

The entire interview with police was more than four hours long.

Yesterday in the first half, we told you about Young first being considered a witness when he told police about the shooting, half way through, a detective told him she knew he wasn't telling the entire truth.

That's when Young admitted to taking the gun and shooting at Snapp.

In the interview, Young also admitted to teaching Hunt how to use the gun.

He said Hunt had talked about how much he hated Snapp.

Young said Hunt said he wanted to kill Snapp because he was an informant and had stolen money from him.

Young also said Hunt may have even been jealous of Snapp because he liked Snapp's girlfriend, Claire.

Young said he never thought any of the threats would actually become reality.

He sais when it did, he was in shock and compared the struggling Snapp to watching your dog getting hit by a car and not wanting it to feel the pain.

"I looked at his head. I thought about it, I thought about it. I couldn't do it, I couldn't just leave him there. I had to do it for my own sake, man, for his own sake," said Young in his interview with detectives.

The prosecution rested its case today, the defense will start in the morning. 

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