Richland Police Department First In The World With Cutting Edge Technology

The Richland Police Department was the first department in the world to implement some cutting edge technology that is now gaining national attention.

The technology is called Smartforce and the Richland Police Department actually sat down with Microsoft and a company called Anventos to create it.

Smartforce is a cloud based website that lets officer communicate in real time.

Richland police Captain Mike Cobb said the idea came about because the department was looking for a better way for officers to exchange information between shifts.

"We tried a big white board in the squad room dedicated to just this. We drew lines and broke it up into districts. We tried a word document that was a rolling word document that just never ended," said Cobb.

After talking to a few Microsoft people at a conference Chief Chris Skinner and Captain Cobb got the chance to sit down with Microsoft and Adventos to create a program based on a police department's needs.

Smartforce lets officers share information about anything important that happened during their shift or let them know about any task that needs to be completed.

There is an updated calendar with training schedules or open gun range time.

"We use Facebook, we use Twitter, we use Google Plus there is a lot of ways for us to share ideas. This is done to communicate ideas to help you be more effective in your job," said Cobb.

Chief skinner and Captain Cobb have traveled all over the United States teaching other stations about Smartforce.

"I know we are more efficient, I know we are significantly better at having things not fall through the cracks, we are significantly better at passing information on," said Cobb.

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