River Safety

As the mountain snow thaws, the rivers rise, the current quickens, and picks up the debris left from last fall; but as the thermometer rises, the water looks enticing. Marcos Penaloza has seen this enticement turn dangerous first hand.

"I've had personal experience with people drowning in the river," said Marcos Penaloza

Marcos and his family were playing in a river when his cousin was swept away, clinging to a stick lodged into the riverbed.

"She was drowning, and it was pretty dangerous to go in and help her. We kind of linked arms and started a chain to get her out, if we didn't do anything about it the river would have taken her away," said Penaloza

River safety was in Marcos' thoughts as he and his friends checked the depth of a shore side portion of the river today.

"Ya it went in all the way," Junior Gomez said while looking at a walking stick he had completely submursed.
Penaloza decided the rivers looks could be decieving, "ya it looks wonderful, its a hot day and everything, but i'm just scared cause i don't want to see anybody die"

Just this past weekend a man is presumed to have drowned following a rafting accident on the Klickitat Yakima County border and in a seperate incident two rafters in cle elum had to be saved. Authorities suggest possibly looking into a different option.

Chief Criminal Deputy John Durand spoke about water safety, "People just need to be safe, just use common sense. Use that personal floatation device. We have pools around here where you can cool off."
It's a message being heard by at least one--

"I wanna go in but at the same time it's dangerous," said Penaloza

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