Road closures due to flooding in Yakima affecting local businesses

“I know that it's been closed since five o'clock this morning," said Meadowbrook Convenience Center owner Josephin.

Josephin has been a co-owner of Meadowbrook Convenience Center for more than twelve-years and said she's never seen business this slow.

"It’s very frustrating because business is very very slow right now since Saturday," added Josephin.

Several residents and businesses near Wide Hollow Creek have been affected by flooding.

The flooding a result of snow melt, high water levels due to rain, now causing water to overflow into residential areas.

Although the area where Josephin’s convenience center is located at is not flooding, closures are keeping customers away.

“You know someone mentioned that there is no detour sign you know," said Josephin.   

Because her business is located in between the closures on West Nob Hill Boulevard and West Washington Avenue all she can do is wait and hope the street reopens soon.

"That’s why I’m looking at the outside to check on the streets if they are open or not," added Josephin.

Her business hurting the most in the area, something she's not used to.

"As you see no one is coming to the store you know and we are mostly the busiest store in this area," said Josephin.

Josephin eagerly waiting for everything to be back to normal.

City officials said roads in affected areas will remain closed until water levels drop.

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