Ruling Stands in 2009 Beating and Rape Case in Richland

An appellate court rules a 36-year-old man's conviction for beating and raping a Richland woman in 2009 will stand.

Cody Kloepper was convicted as the assailant after the victim intially identified the wrong suspect.

That was the basis of his appeal.

Further investigation and DNA evidence led to charges against Kloepper.

He was eventually found guilty of first-degree assault, first-degree burglary and first-degree rape.

Kloepper was a maintenance worker at the Villas at Meadow Springs in South Richland when he took a key for the victim's apartment from the complex office and broke into her place.

He is now serving a mandatory minimum sentence of 24 1/2 years in Coyote Ridge Corrections Center in Connell and has maintained his innocence.

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