Saved by Music

Chorn-Pond plays a lullaby on his bamboo flute.

For almost his entire life, music has been in his veins, even a saving grace.

Chorn-Pond was 8 years old, living in Cambodia, when the Communist Khmer Rouge turned on the goverment in 1970 -- hundreds of thousands of people were killed.

"I lost members of my family, I lost my country, I lost almost everything," said Chorn-Pond, "Imagine that; your life, you walk around almost with no history, with a hole inside of you."

Chorn-Pond and hundreds of other children were forced to live in a temple-turned-prison camp -- he survived daily executions by playing the flute for guards and learining their propaganda songs, it was the only reason they kept him alive.

In the late 1970's Chorn-Pond and other prisoners were turned into child soldiers, sent out into the fields against the Vietnamese army.

Chorn-Pond escaped into the jungle at one point, living off the land for months, until he was saved by an American pastor, Peter Pond.

Pond brought the child to the states to live in New Hampshire -- and now, about 40 years later, he is sharing his story with the public at the Capitol Theatre.

"I think it would heal us all," said Chorn-Pond, "I think it's my journey to go now and do this."

Chorn-Pond has also helped found organizations committed to helping children of war, and also preserving his people's music.

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