School Buses Hitting The Road

Kids are headed back to school next week which means school buses will once again be hitting the road.

Ron Arthur has been driving buses for seven years now.

He said the biggest thing drivers need to be aware of is the 8-way flasher system.

"First we put the amber lights on which gives a warning to drivers on the road to be prepared that the red like to go and start flashing and the stop paddles going to come out and they need to stop," said Arthur.

All too often he sees drivers speed up once they see the yellow lights flashing to try and get around the bus before the paddle goes out.

"They drive right by the stop paddles, it's hard to believe that anyone can't see all the red lights," said Arthur. 

Reminder, that stop paddle is a signal for traffic flowing in both directions.

The fine for ignoring a stop paddle is $394.

Arthur said he is not afraid to take down a license plate number and he has 60 other sets of eyes to help him spot it.

Drivers who cut off school buses are causing more problems for everyone on the road.

"School buses can't accelerate very fast so we try to leave four second spacing inbetween us and the car in front of us and when we do that it gives every opportunity for a driver to get right into that spot and we have to slow down even more so we become a bigger burden on the road," said Arthur.

Along with driving Arthur also has to worry about the safety of all of the kids on the bus.

He said sometimes dealing with the different behaviors of kids is the toughest part.

"Some children are more sensitive than others, some are more outgoing trying to get them all together on a moving vehicle and getting them there safely is a little complex," said Arthur.

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