Search Continues for 18-Year-Old

Yakima County Search and Rescue teams continue their search today for an 18 year old boy.

The boy, from Selah, was reported missing last Thursday.

He was last seen near the Roza Canal near Selah and is presumed to have drowned, a witness told teams he may have spotted the body floating near Zillah.

Now crews are searching through that portion of the canal, northeast of the town, hoping the body may have stopped at one of the water breaks -- if not, crews will continue moving down the canal's path.

The canal stretches up as far as Selah, all the way down to Benton County.

Not only do search and rescue teams have to wade through miles of rushing water, but also sift through the murky canal, which is blinding to most underwater cameras.

"We could be driving in the area and he could be under the water here and you can't see him," said Town, "It makes it very difficult to where we have to hopefully catch it at a point where we catch him near the surface, where we can spot him again."

Search and rescue teams say they will be bringing cadaver dogs into the search efforts starting tomorrow, as enough time will have passed for a scent to develop -- the boy's name has not yet been released.

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