Seasons Shooting Suspect In Court

18 year old William Escobar Martinez makes his first court appearance this afternoon.

Martinez is facing first degree murder charges following the death of 22 year old Damarius Morgan.

Court documents state gunfire broke out near the Seasons Performance Hall Saturday night, following a concert.

Police say the shooting was a result of a brawl that took place moments earlier.

A witness tells police he saw Morgan punching someone in the face before two rounds were fired -- Morgan was struck in the chest, a second victim, Isaiah Prince, suffered a leg injury.

Officers found Martinez hiding a block away and took him into custody -- performance hall supervisors say this weekend's shooting was the first act of violence at the seasons.

"We've been here for 7 years, doing live music for 7 years, this is the first event that we've ever had where someone was injured," said Ellie Strosahl, "And in this case, it was tragic that we lost a young life. I think this is a community problem."

Police say Martinez does have gang ties, however there is no indication if the two victims were tied to any gangs.

Police are currently looking for any other suspects in the shooting.

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