Senator Murray Visits Yakima Valley; Pushing for Immigration Reform

As senator Murray toured a Gilbert farms orchard today, she expressed concern that Congress will not act on the matter anytime soon.

Workers we spoke with today say the stall in politics can be felt throughout the valley, especially for immigrants living in fear of losing their livelihood because of their immigration status.

"They're afraid to be on the roads looking to jobs, because they're afraid of being deported or separated from their families," said Feliciano Benitez.

Yesterday, President Obama announced he is planning to take executive action to improve the immigration system.

However, local immigrant employers say more needs to be done to bring attention to the Senate bill sitting unacted upon in the house of representatives -- because the delay affects their day to day operations.

"Our crops are seasonal, there's peaks and demands in the valley," said Sean Gilbert, "We need an immigration policy that reflects those needs."

Despite the lack of action in D.C., Senator Murray believes bipartisanship is possible, citing the two-year budget passed by the budget committee.

"If you're sitting across the table from somebody who is willing to work with you, there is always a path to success when it comes to legislation," said Senator Murray.

However, the timeline for that kind of cooperation remains vague at best, leaving workers and farmers in limbo.

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