Several Road Projects Get Underway This Week in Pasco

A number of microsurfacing road projects in Pasco will impact drivers tomorrow and Wednesday. The following roads will be closed from 7am – 7pm both days:

  • · Sylvester Street from Road 34 to Road 52
  • · Road 40 from Sylvester to Riverhaven Street
  • · Riverhaven Street from Road 40 to Road 44
  • · Road 44 from Sylvester Street to Riverhaven Street
  • · Irving Street from Road 40 to Road 44
  • · Road 45 from Sylvester Street to Road 44

Emergency vehicles will have access during these closures.

As part of the City’s pavement management program, microsurfacing provides a new top surface for streets while protecting the undersurface from further deterioration. Because microsurface applications result in a coating that is about ¼ of the thickness (1/2” vs. 2”) of a typical asphalt overlay, the cost savings are significant (microsurfacing can cost as little as 20% of the cost of an overlay). Also, the road or street section performs better as more frequent new top surface coats are applied over its lifetime.

If you have questions, please contact Public Works at (509) 545-3444.

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