Shooting on 1800 Block of Broadway In Pasco

Pasco police are investigating a shooting on the 1800 block of Broadway.

Captain Jim Raymond said officers were in the downtown area of Pasco when they heard what was believed to be several dozen gunshots.  

The emergency 911 center also began receiving calls from the neighborhood of 1800 E. Broadway Street reporting multiple shots being fired in the street.

Raymond said when officers arrived all of the people involved had already fled in veihicles from the scene.

Pasco PD said while on the scene a 23-year old Pasco man walked into Lourdes emergency room to be treated for minor gun shoot wounds. 

Officers said the injuried man is not cooperating in the investigation.

Police have found two vehicles involved and have identified two people of interest involved in the shooting but have not found those two people yet.

Officers recovered numerous bullet casings from the street.

Two different occupied residences were struck by stray bullets.  No one was injured inside the residences.

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