Shooting of Stephan Aceves Ruled a Justifiable Homicide

Franklin County Prosecutor Shawn Sant said the shooting of 28-year-old Stephan Aceves by Rudy Ontiveros at his Pasco home last month is a justifiable homicide.

Sant said the evidence showed that Aceves was shot inside of Ontiveros' home.

According to statements made to police by Ontiveros, his family was woken up by knocks and the doorbell.

Ontiveros said he went to the window to see who it was and show that he was armed.

 According to Sant, Ontiveros then put his foot behind the door as a door stop and opened the door hoping to scare Aceves away.     

Sant said Aceves forced his way into the Ontiveros home and Ontiveros fired four shots killing him.

Sant said the autoposy results showed one bullet grazed the back of Aceves' hand before entering his chest.

he said this is consistent with someone forcing their way into the house forearm first.

Sant said a toxicology was preformed on Aceves and his blood alcohol level registered at .35. That is four times the legal limit for operating a motor vehicle.

Sant ended the news conference by saying this is a tragic incident and a reminder that alcohol is a drug and can have horrific consequences.

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