Snag Canyon Fire Growing

Flames and smoke continue to pour out north of Ellensburg.

The Snag Canyon Fire has crews working day and night to contain the wildfire, while locals sit on pins and needles, waiting to hear about the next set of homes and buildings destroyed.

"There's a  lot of really close friends that have lost cabins around us," said Paul Arnold, "It's hard to go through that and see them experience that loss."

So far, the fire has scorched over 6,400 acres of land, destroying at least 16 structures.

The fire was first reported during Saturday's lightning storm, over 450 personnel from 26 different states have been called in to assist in the fight, while almost 250 people remain evacuated from their homes.

As of this afternoon, containment is at 10%.

Today, crews are continuing with water drops, while fighting extreme wind gusts, pushing the fire further out.

"The people that are in charge of this fire have spotters everywhere, they take weather very often," said Appleton Fire Chief Bill Schmitt, who is currently working the lines, "So we will be aware if we have a big wind change."

Crews will continue to dig lines and create other safety measures, at least until Mother Nature decides to let up to cooperate.

In the meantime, locals will sit and wait, hoping the fire doesn't cause anymore damage.

"There was definitely a lot of fear of the unknown when the fire was rolling through there," said Arnold, "But I feel very confident now that it's going to be okay."

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