Snow Causes Highway Problems

It looks like winter finally hit the area.

Nearly two inches of snow hit the Lower Valley overnight and through this morning.

I drove from Richland to Yakima this morning and counted at least 6 cars that have veered off the highway -- some rolled over on their tops.

Other commuters I spoke to say conditions like this will typically slow traffic down, but the number of drivers who ignored the elements nearly brought it to a halt.

"From Zillah to Wapato, it was pretty rough," said Zillah resident, Daniel Orozco, "I saw a couple cars on the side of the road, and a lot of people seemed like they were scared so they were driving a little slow."

"People tend to think that four-wheel driving means four-wheel stopping or four-wheel turning, everything's different," said Sunnyside resident Stephanie Brubaker, "If you don't know how to handle what you're driving and the conditions that you're able to be safe at, it gets really-really hard."

The state Department of transportation says the best way to stay safe during these driving conditions is to make sure your car is properly equipped, up to date, and make sure you mind your driving distance.

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